The Black Pearl Restaurant


The Black Pearl Restaurant offers a wide selection of breakfast choices including toast, croissants, jam, ham, bacon, cheese, eggs any style, yoghurt, muesli, fruits and rice soup as well as freshly brewed coffee, tea and milk for prices from 70 to 150 THB.


Lunch & Dinner - Thai food

The Black Pearl restaurant offers a wide selection of Thai favorites such as Pad Thai, Massaman Curry, Tom Yum Gung, Papaya salad and daily fresh Fish and Seafood specialties. One of our signature dishes that you definetly should try are the baked mussels.


Lunch & Dinner - European food

For lunch and dinner you can choose from a well designed menu that offers a nice choice of starters, salads and a well selected choice of European dishes such as steaks, lamb chops, duck breast, pizza, pasta and the highly recommended filet mignon.


Homemade Desserts

All our desserts are homemade by using the freshest ingridients. As most of them are combined with fresh fruits or fruit puree we do not use sugar in our desserts, so that even our deabetic guests can enjoy our delicous and flavourful Ice Cream, Pancake, Chocolate Mousse, Pana Cotta, Tiramisu and more.



The choice is all yours. Our beverage selection includes the regular soft drinks including ice tea and tonic, fresh juices and exotic fruit shakes, local and imported beers, Coolers, open and bottled white and red wines, refreshing mocktails and the most favourite cocktails of the Island.